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Solar Lighting Products

We carry a large range of solar lighting products to fit your design project. Visit our showroom and experience the difference in countryside lighting products.

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Reasons to choose Solar lighting in a showroom setting:

  1. Solar lights eliminate the cost to have a licensed electrician install costly approved power to remote locations. Solar lights are truly a consumer do-it-yourself product! The rural area of Washington County and surrounding areas is an ideal application of solar light for effective ranch setting gate entrances.
  2. Solar lighting can be an impulse lighting solution as there is no additional cost or preparation involved. Solar products offered by showrooms have higher quality materials than the counter products. The three primary components of a residential solar product are the solar panels, the batteries and the LED light source.
  3. The run-time duration of solar lighting products has greatly increased, now ranging from a few hours to 8-12 hours on a full charge. This means a full night’s operation in many locations.
  4. A/C converters are available for showroom displays of the products and can be seen at our location. Countryside also offers actual outdoor displayed products.
  5. In addition to residential use, commercial grade products are available by GS-Designs, Countryside’s vendor. Their commercial product enables one full day of direct sunlight to operate the lights for 5 full days.
  6. Solar lighting is a dramatic improvement to outdoor spaces while providing an environmentally friendly solution.